One thing which many visitors to the Czech Republic are taken amazed by is the quantity of prostitution which could be located in the country — an issue which has just been exacerbated by the arrival of a free market economy. This also goes hand in hand with the problem of human trafficking, and it is still a very real problem in the country. In the Czech Republic prostitution isn’t illegal, but unlike other countries there aren’t any regulations governing it, such as compulsory health checks.

Prostitution is a flourishing exchange here and Prague has, in fact, acquired a significant name over Europe as a center for sleaze. Although the price of sexual encounters is much more compared with other East European countries such as Lithuania, Poland, Romania or Latvia, the great thing about the Czech women appeals to certain sections of their sex tourist industry. Particular roads in Prague are effectively miniature red light zones, with whore houses tucked away underneath the pretence of some legal ‘massage parlour’ or sex shop and road hookers are for the most part unchallenged by law enforcement. A favourite stomping ground for Prostitutes is Wenceslas Square and the surrounding roads. Co-incidentally, the high-roads entering Czech out of Germany’s boundaries are principal red light areas also, and it’s an interesting spectacle to watch: mini-skirted women waiting on the guards railings in broad daylight, building a commission off German guys passing the boundaries for a few hours! A new tendency has lately formed where the sex industry is slowly moving away from the roads into private apartments where sex is provided and Escort Agencies also cover a good deal of prostitution.

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Border Towns — Highway Prostitution.

Perhaps the areas where prostitution is the most visible is on the roads leading to border towns like Cheb and Dubi, where dozens of women can be seen lining the streets clad in shorts, even through the cold winters. Though it’s a torrid life for all these women, the government has done very little to offset the problem.

The principal problem for authorities is they will face the anger of organized crime should they put regulation on the industry. They’re also concerned about the political consequences of targeting this area of society, even though they are under tremendous pressure from global agencies to do so.

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